Yorick van Norden – More Than Words

Dutch musician Yorick van Norden likes a challenge or two. For the first single off his debut album, Gonna Try For The Sun, he tried to write a song with as little chords as possible. Apart from the bridge, he managed to do with only two chords.

However, for the new single off his next album, More Than Words, he tried to do exactly the opposite: as many chords as possible. He ended up with a tune containing no less than 22 chords. Still, this doesnโ€™t interfere with the track being an uplifting love song in the best British pop tradition. Jangle pop with a classic guitar sound.

That the title has been used for another classic track before, doesnโ€™t bother Van Norden. He doesnโ€™t mind causing some confusion from time to time.

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