Yorke – Nights We Waste

Byron Bay-based Grace Hughes goes by the stage name Yorke. She’s been writing for most of her life. Aged eight, she was filling up notebooks with her own original love songs. Her 2018 debut single First Light immediately forced her breakthrough in home country Australia. She quickly followed it up last year with Wake The City, Thought I Could and Treading Water.

All four singles are now on the singer-songwriterโ€™s debut EP Liberosis. Over the course of 7 tracks, Yorke gets to the true emotional core of coming of age. The EP traces the turbulence of youth, with the 21-year pop prodigy exploring the messiness of moving from adolescence into adulthood, and most crucially, the liberation found in discovering who you are and what you want.

About her new single Nights We Waste, she says: โ€œI see this song as a breath of fresh air on the EP. A moment to stop and let things go, and just enjoy being in the moment. The lyric โ€˜Honestly weโ€™re holding onto things we canโ€™t controlโ€™ sums up a lot of the EP for me. Itโ€™s the acknowledgement that yes, things are out of your hands and youโ€™re just going to have to accept that. I really struggled with change when I was younger, but Iโ€™m getting a lot better.โ€

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