Young Gun Silver Fox – Midnight In Richmond

Earlier this year, Young Gun (Andy Platts) Silver Fox (Shawn Lee) released the single Lolita, that was not on their album West End Coast. Although that CD contains a few more single worthy songs, the band appears to have moved on. That is, what else could I conclude from their new single being brand new as well?

β€˜Brand new’ must of course be interpreted with some flexibility, because Young Gun Silver Fox’s music sounds like it has been produced in the 70’s of the last century. The fact radio still loves it, only means the band managed to give it a magical timeless touch.

If Midnight In Richmond is your first encounter with this band, and you like it, then you can drag their whole repertoire into your playlist. And if you want to know where this is coming from, just look up some Eagles and Steely Dan tunes. You’ll like it, I give you my word!


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