Your favourites (April 2017)

Every day I throw my musical tips upon you and every time you decide whether or not to read them. Fair enough. But exactly which recommendations have been viewed the most in the month of April? In other words, what tracks were your favourites among my favourites? This is your Top 10:

  1. Colin Waters – Change The Game
  2. Jaya – Love Is A Bird
  3. The 27 – All The Time
  4. TANA – Why Can’t I Love You (Live)
  5. Stromae – Repetto x Mosaert
  6. Mollie Marriott – Control
  7. Rat Boy – Revolution
  8. UNKLE (feat. Mark Lanegan & Eska) – Looking For The Rain
  9. Uncle Frank – Ku Ku Nu
  10. Airways – Reckless Tongue

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