Your favourites (August 2017)

Although August is the heart of the holiday season, Iโ€™ve continued to share great new music with you each day. One of the reasons I did so, is that my blog appears to have some kind of an archive function for some; many โ€˜oldโ€™ recommendations are still being read on a daily basis. But to be honest, I didnโ€™t expect much traffic to my newer posts during this month.

Well, I was wrongโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even though it was holiday season, you continued to read my recommendations. Or perhaps you finally found the time to visit my blog because it was holiday season. Or maybe you hadnโ€™t heard of Carte Blanche Music before, but found me one way or another. Anyhow, Iโ€™m grateful for your visit and hope you found enough inspiration in the music to keep coming back. The door is always open!

Besides my efforts to inspire you with great new music, you also inspire me with your choices. Just look at my 10 recommendations you read most during August, and see what a great selection you made!

  1. Julian Taylor Band feat. Kinnie Starr – Feel Your Love
  2. AKA George – Stone Cold Classic (WC)
  3. Francesca Michielin – Vulcano
  4. Jimi Charles Moody – Shame
  5. Nerina Pallot Ta Chance
  6. Antonio Cruz – Tu Mirada
  7. Stars – Fluorescent Light
  8. BC Unidos (feat. Shungudzo) – Bicycle (WC)
  9. Fjokra – Bang On The Door
  10. Julian Velard – Donโ€™t Ask Me About Hamilton (Anymore) (WC)

Most incredibly: this weekโ€™s Wildcard by AKA George received so many eyeballs in two daysโ€™ time, that itโ€™s already the runner up in this list. Looks like itโ€™s about to become a stone cold classic indeedโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
And just as noteworthy: Bicycle by BC Unidos (feat. Shungudzo) is between your favourites for the third month in a row. Impressive!

These are only 10 of the almost 650 tracks in my 2017 container playlist Carte Blanche Music, which includes over 38 hours of great new music by now. Check all of these tracks on Spotify, and follow my playlist if you like what you hear:


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