Your favourites (August 2022)

Below, you can find all 10 of your favourites in the month of August; my recommendations that you read the most during this month. Great choices!

The links bring you directly to the original posts. Each of those features a player that allows you to listen to the track via the platform of your choice. Enjoy!

  1. HΓ₯kan HellstrΓΆm – Alla DrΓΆmmar Γ„r Uppfyllda (WC)
  2. Placebo – The Prodigal (WC)
  3. Welsh Avenue – Feather In My Hat
  4. Sputnik Sweetheart – Heavenly
  5. Mood Bored – Easy Going
  6. AngΓ¨le – Libre (WC)
  7. Ederlezi – Drawn To The Ruin
  8. Giant Rooks – Wild Stare
  9. Reverend & The Makers – Heatwave In The Cold North
  10. Sult – Ick (WC)

(WC) = ex Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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