Your favourites (February 2018)

I think checking the Carte Blanche Music statistics at the end of each month is pretty exciting. It feels like getting my report at school. Or in fact, it feels like the artists I wrote about getting their reports. I’m glad to be able to share with you that many of them graduated gloriously! ?

Below you’ll find the ten blogs that were read the most during the month of February. Great to see so many emerging artists in your Top 10, and also note the number of independently released tracks in the list. Another remarkable song is TANA’s Leave Away, a track that was released exactly one year ago, but attracted enough viewers last month to re-enter this overview.
I’m really grateful you allow me to help you discover so much great new music. Thanks for that!

  1. The Dark Light – It’s Alright
  2. Shanguy – La Louze (WC)
  3. Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank (Sam La More Remix Edit)
  4. Luz Casal – Que Corra El Aire
  5. Eckhardt & The House – If She Cannot Talk
  6. Stalking Like Candy – Can You See The Light
  7. Mamas Gun – I Need A Win
  8. TANA – Leave Away (WC)
  9. Janelle MonΓ‘e – Make Me Feel
  10. Kat Eaton – Robbing You Blind

When you click on the links above, you’ll be directed to my original posts. You can listen to all of these tracks (and many more) via my container playlist Carte Blanche Music, which is daily updated with the best new music of 2018.


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