Your favourites (February 2020)

Last month, an incredible (probably unprecedented) amount of new music came to the market. After trying to listen to as much of it as possible, making choices proved more difficult than ever. This means of course that the quality of the submissions was high, which can only be a good thing.

Meteorologically, February was a month that saw several storms raging over Europe, causing considerable damage. Isnโ€™t it appropriate, then, that the two most read recommendations on Carte Blanche Music were Perfect Storm by IBA and Toukassรฉ (โ€˜ruin it allโ€™) by Shanguy? ๐Ÿ˜‰
The Belgian Perfect Storm performer even had another track among your favourites of the month: his debut single Table Of Fools returned to the Top 10. The chart hosts even more โ€˜foolsโ€™, courtesy of IBEโ€™s fellow-countrymen Neo Minor. Apparently, craziness was something of a theme in February, as Mad With The Moon by Lux Lyall was liked a lot as well.

Your full Top 10 of favourite blog posts in February is below. For an overview of the latest and greatest new music, check my 2020 container playlist Carte Blanche Music. It contains well over 200 pieces of damn fine music, good for over 12 hours of listening pleasure. Have a listen and/or follow it through this link.

  1. IBE – Perfect Storm
  2. Shanguy – Toukassรฉ (WC)
  3. League Of Wolves – On The Run
  4. Lux Lyall – Mad With The Moon
  5. James Blonde – Hundred Bucks
  6. Jesse Merineau – Honey
  7. Neo Minor – Fools
  8. IBE Table Of Fools
  9. Charmless i – Superhero
  10. Dagny – Come Over

(WC) = former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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