Your favourites (January 2019)

Just like all of the tracks I add to the Carte Blanche Music Spotify playlist on a daily basis, all of the songs I recommend on this blog are hand-picked. If itโ€™s on here, itโ€™s goodโ€ฆ But thatโ€™s only my opinion. On top of that, on the first of every month, I publish an overview of your favourite Carte Blanche Music posts. And because good traditions must be cherished and continued, below youโ€™ll find the most-read blogs of January.

Throughout the first month of this year, I collected over 110 great new tracks in the 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music (almost 7 hours of highly recommended songs). Below, the 10 of those you liked best:

  1. Christon – Closer To A New Day
  2. Jesse Hite – When It All Comes Down
  3. Cat Pierce – Human Experience
  4. Superbird – Cola Bottle Fizz
  5. Model Depose – Bombs Are Falling
  6. 900 Miles feat. The Kooks – Hold Tight
  7. Videoclub – Roi
  8. Chateau Chateau – Evidence
  9. Uncle Frank – Lay It All At His Feet
  10. Nona – Last To Know


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