Your favourites (July 2017)

Seven full months into the year, my 2017 container playlist Carte Blanche Music contains almost 600 tracks, good for over 34 hours of great new music. 415 of them have been warmly recommended on this blog, and I’m lucky enough to have you, taking the time to read those posts. Thanks for that!

Which of my recommendations have been read the most in the month of July? This is your Top 10:

  1. Llorca (feat. Sapele) – Wonderwhy
  2. BC Unidos (feat. Shungudzo) – Bicycle (WC)
  3. Sea Girls – Call Me Out
  4. FFF – Monkee
  5. Uncle Frank – Your Man
  6. Colin Waters – We Go Our Own Way!
  7. Nicole Atkins – Sleepwalking
  8. Anna Of The North – Someone
  9. The Hallows – Angel
  10. The Dead-On – Lovesick

For all of the above tracks, and many more, check my Carte Blanche Music playlist on Spotify:


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