Your favourites (July 2018)

These were your ten favourites in July:

  1. Waylon – That’s How She Goes
  2. Nona – It’s Alright
  3. TenTemPiés – Only You
  4. Buika – Deadbeat
  5. Mamazzoop – Summer Is Shining
  6. Jerry Williams – Left And Right
  7. Radkey – Basement
  8. Harlea – Beautiful Mess
  9. Young Gun Silver Fox – Kingston Boogie (WC)
  10. Stillmode – Wild One

In other words: out of all of my recommendations in the month of July, the above 10 were read the most. A nice an diverse package, my compliments! A special mention goes out to La Loi De Murphy by Angèle, a track I reviewed in November last year, but that still proves popular amongst the Carte Blanche Music readers. And rightfully so!

Another fun fact: half of this Top 10 (#1, #2, #3, #5 and #10) consists of Dutch artists, providing further proof that a small country like this can be great in music. Of course I’m aware these figures may be somewhat coloured by fanatic fan bases of the artists, but knowing how many of you live outside the Netherlands, I sincerely hope I’ve been able to introduce some of these great acts to people outside the lowlands.

All of the tracks above, and many more, can be found in my 2018 container playlist Carte Blanche Music, which I update continuously. It grows at a pretty steady pace and now holds the almost 670 best new songs of 2018 so far, the equivalent of nearly 40 hours of great new music. Feel free to listen, subscribe and/or share if you like!


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