Your favourites (July 2019)

French music is doing ‘très bien’ on the Carte Blanche Music blog. For the sixth consecutive month, Roi by Videoclub is (by far) your favourite recommendation, but Corine’s version of Je Danse Le Mia is a strong runner-up. Just outside this month’s Top 10, we find former Wildcards Toukassé by Shanguy and Videoclub’s new single En Nuit.

But you’re not only fans of music from France. Between the ten most read blogs in July are acts from Austria (Friedberg), the Netherlands (Pyro), Belgium (IBE), Italy (Mamacita feat. Didy & Roy Paci), Northern Ireland (Pat Dam Smyth), and the United States (SWMRS). The ‘remaining’ artists (The Brand New Heavies feat. N’Dea Davenport and Sophie & The Giants) are from Great-Britain. Well, in fact they’re leaving, but that’s not their fault.

Your full Top 10 of favourite recommendations in July is below. All of these tracks, and over 600 more, are in my continuously updated 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music.

  1. Videoclub – Roi
  2. Corine – Je Danse Le Mia
  3. Friedberg – Go Wild
  4. Pyro – F.O.M.O.
  5. IBE – Table Of Fools
  6. Mamacita feat. Didy & Roy Paci – (Yo No Soy Tu) Nena
  7. The Brand New Heavies feat. N’Dea Davenport – Getaway
  8. Pat Dam Smyth – Last King
  9. Sophie & The Giants – Waste My Air
  10. SWMRS – Lose Lose Lose

(WC) = former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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