Your favourites (July 2021)

Below, you can find all 10 of your favourites in the month of July; my recommendations that you read the most during that month. Great choices!

The links bring you directly to the original posts. Each of them features a player that allows you to listen to the track via the platform of your choice. Enjoy!

  1. Super db – Wait For Me
  2. Drew Sycamore – 45 Fahrenheit Girl (WC)
  3. Japanese Breakfast – Paprika
  4. Who – Hey! Get Out The Way (WC)
  5. Laura Mvula – Got Me
  6. Our Lady Peace (feat. Pussy Riot) – Stop Making Stupid People Famous
  7. Just – Walk Slow Smile More
  8. Bloom de Wilde – Garden Of The Sun
  9. Aili x Transistorcake – Dansu
  10. Hรฅkan Hellstrรถm – Alla Drรถmmar ร„r Uppfyllda (WC)

(WC)ย ย ย  ex Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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