Your favourites (June 2017)

Half of 2017 has gone by, but it hasnโ€™t gone by unnoticed. Not as far as the music is concerned, anyway. In the first six months of Carte Blanche Music I shared 364 pieces of great new music with you (allow me to round that off upwards to an average of two a day; seven days a week).
Looking back to the month of June, which of my recommendations received the most โ€˜eyeballsโ€™? This is your Top 10:

  1. The Hunna – Never Enough
  2. Triggerfinger – Flesh Tight (WC)
  3. Arcade Fire – Everything Now
  4. Pimpy Panda feat. Alana & NiCo Gomez – Donโ€™t Give Up
  5. Placebo – Lifeโ€™s What You Make It
  6. Wouter Hamel – Stray Cat
  7. Beachwood Coyotes – Face To Face
  8. Bad Sounds – Zacharia
  9. Frankie Chavez – Whatever Happened To Our Love
  10. BC Unidos (feat. Shungudzo) – Bicycle

Like I noticed before: among the Carte Blanche Music visitors rock fares way better than on most radio stations (let alone charts) nowadays. Also, I think this Top 10 shows a great mixture of brand new bands and artists that have been around for a while. It appears you and I are on the same page here. Proud of you!

All of these tracks can be found in my Carte Blanche Music Spotify playlist, filled with the best new music 2017 produced so far! 500 tracks all in all, together good for 30 hours of listening pleasure. Enjoy!


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