Your favourites (June 2019)

As you probably know by now, Carte Blanche Music is about new music only. But apparently my recommendations sometimes come a little early. Perhaps too early for some of you. Therefore, it’s very gratifying to see that some of my tips from months ago are only being picked up now. Okay, my recommendation of Roi by Videoclub has been massively popular ever since it was published, back in January, and is still by far the piece that was read the most in the month of June. But another song in French, Toukassé by Shanguy (which was a Carte Blanche Music Wildcard in March), is only starting to be appreciated now. I’m sure the hot weather plays a role in this, as it’s an ultimate summer song.

Talking about potential summer hits: (Yo No Soy Tu) Nena by Mamacita (feat. Didy & Roy Paci) was one of Your Favourites in June as well.

The full Top 10 is below. All of these tracks, and about 550 more, are in my continuously updated 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music.

  1. Videoclub – Roi
  2. Sophie & The Giants – Waste My Air
  3. Shanguy – Toukassé (WC)
  4. boy pablo – 50 Souls And A Discobowl (WC)
  5. Friedberg – Go Wild
  6. The Brand New Heavies feat. N’Dea Davenport – Getaway
  7. Mamacita feat. Didy & Roy Paci – (Yo No Soy Tu) Nena
  8. Inhaler – My Honest Face
  9. IBE – Table Of Fools
  10. Otherkin – On And On


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