Your favourites (March 2017)

Every day I throw my musical tips upon you and every time you decide whether or not to read them. Fair enough. But exactly which recommendations have been viewed the most in the month of March? In other words, what tracks were your favourites among my favourites? I did some number crunching and the resulting Top 10 leaves me a happy man…

  1. TANA – Leave Away (WC)
  2. John Adams – Things That Make You Beautiful (WC)
  3. Loïc Nottet – Mud Blood
  4. The Gift – Big Fish (WC)
  5. Blas Cantó – In Your Bed
  6. Banner. – Compass
  7. Groenland – Healing Suns
  8. Dreadzone – Area Code
  9. Rilan & The Bombardiers – Supernatural
  10. Levante – Non Me Ne Frega Niente

The songs marked (WC) are former Carte Blanche Music Wildcards, so apparently we’re on the same page here 😉 . Also, I notice the great number of independent releases that you seem to like. And last but not least, many older recommendations continue to be visited as well, which makes me think we’re building an interesting archive here. Correct me if I’m wrong. Or, well… just don’t… 😉 .

Anyway, I’m very happy with your visits. I’ll continue to make it worth your time!


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