Your favourites (May 2017)

Another month has passed. Every day I threw my musical tips upon you and every time you decided whether or not to read them. Fair enough. But exactly which recommendations have been viewed the most in the month of May? In other words, what tracks were your favourites among my favourites? This is your Top 10:

  1. The The – We Can’t Stop What’s Coming
  2. Julian Velard – Sweatpants On The Living Room Floor
  3. Ride – All I Want
  4. Triggerfinger – Flesh Tight
  5. Moon Taxi – Two High
  6. Nemesea – Dance In The Fire
  7. Toploader – Roll With The Punches
  8. MaxΓ―mo Park – What Equals Love?
  9. Kasabian – Ill Ray (The King)
  10. TANA – Why Can’t I Love You (Live)

Interesting to see that no less than half of the best viewed songs in May were rock tracks. And all of these tracks were by bands that exist for some time already. So these figures don’t necessarily mean that rock was the main interest of the Carte Blanche Music visitor last month. They can also indicate that bands with a longer history have a larger following (which makes sense), who are curious for their heroes’ latest output. They listened to the songs, that’s for sure, but did they also like them? The only one who knows that is you…

Another noteworthy fact: two songs in this Top 10 (Triggerfinger and Nemesea) were placed here within the last few days. So it’s very well possible they’ll show up in June’s ranking of your favourites as well.

And lastly, the blog that was viewed the most in May was about a song that was 15 years in the making. Welcome back, Matt Johnson!

Of course, all of these tracks – and about 400 more – can be found in my Carte Blanche Music Spotify playlist, filled with the best new music 2017 produced so far!


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