Your favourites (May 2019)

When I recommended Roi, only the second single of French teen duo Videoclub, on 14 January, I couldnโ€™t have known this write-up – and the song, obviously – would become so much-loved for months to come. Since February, this track dominates the monthly โ€˜Your Favouritesโ€™ round-up. And if that isnโ€™t special enough, the article has reached more people month over month ever since. In May, once again, the number of people that read this specific blog was 2ยฝ times as high as in April. Congrats!

The all-female-fronted Top 3 also contains debut single Love Me Long of Dutch singer Narda and last yearโ€™s Waste My Air by Sophie & The Giants. Talking about โ€˜all-femaleโ€™: Belgian/French project Gemmeโ€™s cover of Sweet Harmony by The Beloved enters Your Favourites at #5.

Sir Notch profits of receiving an important Dutch advertising prize for the use of Gimme That Sunshine in a commercial for fruit drink Appelsientje. This news keeps the song, released in August 2018, comfortably in the Top 10 of most-read recommendations in May.

The full list is below. All of these tracks, and over 450 more, are in my continuously updated 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music.

  1. Videoclub – Roi
  2. Narda – Love Me Long
  3. Sophie & The Giants – Waste My Air
  4. Phantom Isle – Four Walls
  5. Gemme – Sweet Harmony
  6. Countless Numbers – Twice As Hard (WC)
  7. Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine
  8. Phil Collins – The Man With The Horn
  9. Shanguy – Toukassรฉ (WC)
  10. The Brand New Heavies feat. Nโ€™Dea Davenport – Getaway


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