Your favourites (May 2020)

In another good year for new music, I already collected over 450 great new tunes for you in my 2020 Spotify-playlist. If you generally like what you read and hear here, you can trust these to be the 450 best new songs of the year so far. Together, they form a great listening experience, stretching over 26,5 hours. But prepare for a trip through a varied musical landscape. Carte Blanche Music encourages you to listen to a wide range of genres, both inside and outside your comfort zone. For you know: the best experiences start where your comfort zone ends ๐Ÿ˜‰

On behalf of this blog, I select the best of the adds to my Spotify playlist, and write a recommendation for them. Last month, like every month, I recommended 10 new songs per week; 2 per working day. The ones that reached most viewers come together in the monthly Your Favourites chart. On the 1st of June, obviously, I look back upon Your Favourites in May.

I love it that Shanguyโ€™s 14-month-old former Wildcard Toukassรฉ is still at #2 in your chart. In fact, ever since entering your Top 10 in March 2019, it has only left the ranking for 1 month. This kind of achievements give a whole new dimension to the term โ€˜hitโ€™. The Italian/French act was beaten to the #1 position with the smallest of margins. This month, the top position is for The Rifles frontman Joel Stoker, whose โ€˜isolation versionโ€™ of the aptly titled Stuck Inside was my most popular recommendation among Carte Blanche Music readers. Rat Boyโ€™s equally aptly titled Brave New World completes the Top 3.

Below, you can find all 10 of Your Favourites in the month of May. The links bring you directly to the original recommendations. Each of them features a player that lets you listen to the track via the platform of your choice. I like to make things easy for you ๐Ÿ˜‰. Be my guest and click around. Enjoy!

  1. Joel Stoker (The Rifles) – Stuck Inside
  2. Shanguy – Toukassรฉ (WC)
  3. Rat Boy – Brave New World
  4. Daรฐi Freyr & Gagnamagniรฐ – Think About Things
  5. Razorlight – Burn, Camden, Burn
  6. Be Charlotte – Lights Off
  7. Saint Motel – A Good Song Never Dies
  8. Videoclub – Enfance 80
  9. Nana Adjoa – Sheโ€™s Stronger
  10. The Calicos – Nova

(WC) = former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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