Your favourites (November 2018)

After being released in mid August, my recommendation for Gimme That Sunshine by Sir Notch immediately became one of your favourite blogs in that same month, as well as in September. After ending just outside the Top 10 in October, there was renewed interest in November. A lot of interest, for the summery song by Dutch singer-songwriter Christon Kloosterboer’s alter ego was the most visited page on Carte Blanche Music in the past month. The #2 is even a month older. There, just like last month, we find July-released La Vague by DRMS & L’Isle.

And please allow me to be extra happy with three more Dutch entries: Nona at #3, Jonas BrΓΈg with his Danish niece Laura Mathilde at #4, and Audio Adam at #7. I’m proud to have been able to introduce them to an international audience.

Please find the full Top 10 (your Top 10 of favourite tracks/blogs in November) below. Of course you’ll also find them all (and over a thousand tracks more) in my constantly updated 2018 container playlist Carte Blanche Music).

  1. Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine
  2. DRMS & L’Isle – La Vague
  3. Nona – Last To Know
  4. Jonas BrΓΈg feat. Laura Mathilde – I Think Of You I Cry (WC)
  5. Sophie & The Giants – Waste My Air
  6. Ana & The Changes feat. Dan Byron – Take My Hand
  7. The Lighthouse – Catch Fire (WC)
  8. Audio Adam – Emma Watson
  9. Aviator Stash – Shot Song
  10. Creeping Jean – Bandit


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