Your favourites (November 2019)

Roi by Videoclub is still ‘king’ in the listing of Your Favourites during the month of November. That’s odd, because the French duo released three other singles already since they put out Roi at the start of the year. You could say: Roi still rules. Big time! Also in your Top 3, Toukassé by Shanguy is another French track that has been popular among Carte Blanche Music visitors for a long time now. And a little bit further down, at #7, Therapie Taxi are the third Top 10 entry from France. Their new single Candide Crush went down very well last month.

The same can be said of Deacon Blue’s former Wildcard City Of Love. A welcome return from the Scottish band, although it can hardly be called a comeback. They have been one of my favourites for over 30 years now, and I’m glad to see them featuring in Your Favourites as well. A total newcomer however, is Australia’s Jaguar Jonze. Kill Me With Your Love is only her third single, but it already ranks among the best read recommendations of November. Let’s keep an eye on her!

Your full Top 10 of favourite blog posts in November is below. You can find them all (and many more) in my 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music. My Spotify list now holds circa 950 tracks, good for over 55 hours of great new music, released in 2019. Have a listen and/or follow it through this link.

  1. Videoclub – Roi
  2. Rick Astley – Every One Of Us
  3. Shanguy – Toukassé (WC)
  4. Eliza & The Delusionals – Just Exist
  5. Sheppard – Kiss My Fat Ass
  6. Deacon Blue – City Of Love (WC)
  7. Therapie Taxi – Candide Crush
  8. Calby – The Everyday Bit
  9. Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – Go Wake Up
  10. Jaguar Jonze – Kill Me With Your Love

(WC) = former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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