Your favourites (October 2017)

There is more great new music than I can recommend on this blog. On these pages I usually restrict myself to emerging bands, but obviously, successful bands (or less successful bands with a lengthy career nevertheless) can still release fantastic music as well. My container playlist Carte Blanche Music, consisting of all of my musical tips for 2017, has no limitations in that respect. It contains over 800 songs, worth nearly 49 hours of damn fine new music. If you’re a musical omnivore, ready to be surprised on a daily basis, please follow that list.

Somehow, I still managed to recommend over 550 out of those 800+ tracks on this blog since its start on 1 January 2017. Each of them good enough for me to dare and ask you to spend a few minutes of your time. So, that’s my request to you. But how do you respond to my plees? In other words, which of my recommendations have indeed been followed?

These are the 10 blogs that have been read the most during the month of October:

  1. Philip Selway feat. Lou Rhodes – Walk
  2. Arcade Hearts – Running
  3. Columbia Mills – This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home To Me
  4. Childcare – Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You) (WC)
  5. Kara Marni – Golden
  6. Eli Cripps – Poison Arrow
  7. Firewoodisland – Dearest Brother
  8. Culture Wars – Bones
  9. Sleigh Bells – Rainmaker
  10. The Royal Engineers – Rock β€˜n’ Roll Will Never Let You Down

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

NB: it should be noted that Bokito – Aloof, Sol Heilo – Killing Karma and Dangers Of The Sea – Mathilda all reached the same number of views as The Royal Engineers, but they were posted slightly earlier. Nevertheless: cheers to them as well.

All of the above – and about 800 more great tracks – are compiled in my 2017 playlist:


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