Your favourites (September 2018)

I presume you had some catching up to do, since five of your ten favourite Carte Blanche Music posts in September were recommendations I posted throughout the summer. Blame it on the holidays…Β πŸ˜‰

Quite extraordinarily, my blog about It’s Alright by Nona once again ends at #1, just like it did in August, while it was the second most-liked recommendation here in July already. Summer hits don’t come any more obviously.
Sir Notch, Barns Courtney, and Danko return in this month’s round-up as well, while DRMS & L’Isle, a July release, makes a surprise appearance. The other five are more recent.

These were your ten favourites in September, all of which you can find in my constantly updated 2018 container playlist Carte Blanche Music:

  1. Nona – It’s Alright
  2. DRMS & L’Isle – La Vague
  3. Gecko Turner – Cortando Bajito
  4. Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine
  5. Sun Gods – Subtle Science
  6. Barns Courtney – β€œ99” / Good Thing
  7. High Contrast – God Only Knows
  8. Danko – Hit Me Up
  9. Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises – Humanoid (WC)
  10. Minyeshu – Aynocheh (Your Eyes)


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