Your favourites (September 2019)

Because of a – if I may say so myself – well-deserved holiday, not much will happen here on the Carte Blanche Music blog during the month of October. But I will continue to update my Spotify playlist. So, if want to keep track of the best new music, please follow that one, if you didn’t already. Furthermore, during my absence, this blog is a wonderful archive of recent music. It holds over 1500 recommendations of songs from all over the world, in all genres and many languages. Listening via your platform of choice is only one mouse click away.

That said, let’s look back upon my tips that were most-read in the month of September. What strikes me, is that 4 out of the Top 10 tracks are songs in French. Videoclub continue their winning streak, but elsewhere, we find Ethel (#7), Shanguy (#8) and Claire Laffut feat. Yseult (#9). One possible explanation is the popularity of France among holiday-goers, who may have heard these songs on the radio there and searched for more information when back home. But that’s only guessing…

The only recommendation that was published in September, was for Calby’s The Everyday Bit. It shows up at #3 among your favourites of the month. All of the other entries are slightly older, which proves you like Carte Blanche Music for its archive as well.

Your full Top 10 of favourite recommendations in September is below. All of these tracks, and circa 800 more, are in my 2019 container playlist Carte Blanche Music, which will continue to be updated during my holidays. Click here to follow it. See you again in November!

  1. Videoclub – Roi
  2. IBE – Table Of Fools
  3. Calby – The Everyday Bit
  4. Eliza & The Delusionals – Just Exist
  5. Friedberg – Go Wild
  6. The Brand New Heavies feat. N’Dea Davenport – Getaway
  7. Ethel – Rubikscube
  8. Shanguy – Toukassé (WC)
  9. Claire Laffut feat. Yseult – Nudes
  10. Sheppard – Kiss My Fat Ass

(WC) = former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard


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