Yours Truly – Together

Only two studio EP’s and one live EP into their career, Sydney punk rock band Yours Truly just announced their first long-player. Dubbed Self Care, the debut album will be out on 18 September. Thanks to the two singles that preceded it so far, I circled the date in red on my calendar.

Following the single Composure, Yours Truly released the equally strong Together as the album’s second teaser track. Filled with stomping beats, a groovy bass and soaring guitars, it sounds like an upbeat feelgood anthem. Lyrically however, it’s a different story, vocalist Mikaila Delgado explains.

“Together is about feeling the stress and uneasiness of imposter syndrome. I had a lot of fear and anxiety coming into this album, having this expectation to exceed what we did with [second EP] Afterglow. (….) I remember telling myself ‘you need to write the best songs of your life’ and getting upset about the possibility of not being able to prove ourselves. One night I turned to Lachlan [Cronin, guitar] and said, ‘I just feel all the colour has been drained from my brain’. We both looked at each other with wide eyes, and that’s how the idea of Together came about.”

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