Zazie – Speed

Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes. Isn’t that a beautiful name? It belongs to a French singer who can’t be blamed for choosing something shorter and more memorable as her stage name. Zazie was already her nickname, referencing the title character of Raymond Queneau’s novel ‘Zazie Dans Le Métro’.

Although her debut album Je, Tu, Ils was a minor commercial success in 1992, it immediately landed her an award as Best New Female Pop Artist Of The Year. Since then, she maintains a remarkably steady release schedule of one album every three years. Equally steady is her success: each album is a Top 5 hit in her home country, or even better.

The last three years, Zazie has been a coach on the French version of ‘The Voice’, but the fact she just released a new single indicates that a new album is on its way. It comes out in September, nicely timed to meet her tight three year schedule.

New single Speed is a song that lives up to its title. Starting slowly, it gradually builds into an up-tempo dance anthem. Allez-hop!

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